• How to pronounce LL (librelab)?

Can opt to call it the way the Google Translate pronounce LibreLab. Click on the listen button in Google Translate link given below

  • What is librelab?

The term librelab is self-explanatory where Libre stands for "free" as in freedom. For more on what I presume freedom visit the link [1] [2]. It is a creation and is not to be categorised into any particular sector/section.

  • Why Librelab?

Conserve few thinkers freedom who are at the verge of extinction among the stereotypical thought process. It is for most certainly a creation which ought to exist in this world for its own sake, which gets involved in the technology in its own way. A "Proof of concept".
"Thinking +ve is not taught, it is self inflicted."

  • What Librelab intends to do?

Initially it started with a noble intention of writing a userspace application(mosly mobile device) which trickled down to/propagated to howto's on creating rootfs for embedded device(UBIFS/jffs), kernel image for the same and many more.... Still to come are the site for downloadable images for the device.

  • What's up with all the coloring(white, black, red) of the LL logo of Librelab?

It's just coincidence that  I bumped up against one manuscript call BG(Bhagavad Gita) which talked about the 3 strings of life each with unique color and it's the same color that depicts the life ingredients. The excerpts are as follows..
ref:- The Bhagavad Gita - W. Douglas P.Hill
The samkhya system attributes the evolution of prakriti to activity on the part of three gunas of which it is composed. The word guna means the strand of a rope, and the technical term is excellently conceived to remind us that the gunas are not qualities (an ordinary sense of the word) but constituents of prakriti, as three strands may be the substance of a rope. the three gunas are called sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva, the white strand, is that in nature which is pure , light-giving true, and good; rajas, the red strand, is that which causes activity and restlessness and passion, the strand of energy; tams, the black stand, is all that is heavy and dark and indifferent and inert. In the unmanifest they lie in equillibrium; set moving they evolve buddhi, ahamkara and the rest; and it is their interaction and relative proportion in things that cause the manifold difference of character and function of the world.

The answer is there in the question itself, it comes in a simple chaotic black and white impression and a management of unmanaged/chaos and there is no external form of enticing factor that is relied upon rather a well defined form of human nature(chaos) is enough and finding a pattern in such is relied upon.